Thursday, September 9, 2010

Funny Thing For This Week

Hello everyone, I am now going to discuss a pressing subject in my life at the moment. The common cold. Ah.....don't you just love being sick.......#1 You feel it coming on so, you take every medicine ever invented. And not one of them works. #2 When you are buy the store out of tissues and hankies and ask them when they are going to restock . #3 Whoever invented cough medicine should be drug out in the street and shot...........although they probably coughed to death because it didn't work. (Sorry, had a bad night last night.) #4 When you feel so dizzy, you sit up in the morning and feel a little better......and then you stand up.....and I guess the altitude was different from the bed to when you stood, you collapse flat on your face......and fall asleep. #5 When you are so tired that you get up in the morning, remember you're sick and give up on living and throw the covers over your head. #6 When you are all of these things at the same wake up in the morning, and forget who you are for an hour........when you cough and feel like you are one more cough from absolutely going out of your mind.........when you are so dizzy you look down the staircase and which of the three that you're seeing is actually stairs....(geronimo!) And finally, when you are so congested you breath out of your mouth all the time and people ask you......"hey I know...a fish right?!?"

-Thank you.

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