Friday, November 2, 2012

Funny Thing For This Week--You Have Got to be Kidding..

Folks..for this funny post..I would like to share a very pressing issue for now!!!.....(the suspense in growing..)Antique Shopping!...well I know..just lost the male audience...but anyway..Shopping for antique's..ok lets put these in numbers.. #1..You arrive at the antique utopia!!!.. #2..You get a game plan of which area to attack first.. #3..You ask the woman behind the counter if they have any carrying baskets..or better yet, carts. #4..The gun goes off..and its every man for himself! lets take all of these steps and combine them into a horrific paragraph..of truth...Entering the feel your purse making sure that you have your roll of hard earned savings..that you are pretty sure will be ablitterated by check out. Then you enter the first booth...and ok lets face it..(and try to say this kindly..)You really have to be selective about what you choose to look at...for example..Seeing a wonderful set of retro dishes..right next to an 80's demon doll..who you swear is watching you as you walk away...later you enter the next booth. Walking see it..the thing that you have been longing for for who know's how long..running toward pick it up..then after saying a prayer of thanks..and wipping away your with a smile take the dagling price tag...and the smile fades..the mouth drops to the floor...and the item is set down as quickly as it was taken up..isn't that ALWAYS the way that it is? Your dream item for only..$100,000,000. Then you pick a really ugly basket..(Looked like it came straight from the 1970's orange and avacato decade) only to carry the good stuff..Later arm cramping you walk on..Entering another think "wow.." many things to look at..nothing to choose from..moving move into the next one..and to your horror..(or at least mine.)..You find yourself in a nightmare-ish..jungle of dol, pink lace, everything a ruffle, puppets dangle from the ceiling..(yeah those are fun as the feet get stuck in your hair..thats a pure joy..), Suddenly you look around, "NO!"..NO WAY OUT..lost in the old lady, 80's, pink, baby blue, big, big, big....HELP!..a way run and finally you enter the next booth..looking back at the booth..hearing a *thud*.."mama.mama..." From one of the dolls that you knocked off in your desperate flea of escape..rolling your press on..finally at the end you limp to have found the only 2 good items in the whole place...Ugh..moving on.. PS..and yeah.. now I know why they call flea markets by that name..I'm still itching.. Thank you.