Sunday, April 18, 2010

Something to Share.

Hey everyone, I'm sorry that I have failed to really blog about big subjects lately. I have had a cold and really haven't been feeling well enough. So, I wanted to share another good quote that I really love and admire. "There is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer." That is fromJames Doolittles. And also from the movie Pearl Harbor. I really think that it is very motivating to stand for what is right and work your hardest! ( That's really what that movie is about as well )


Watch This Video

I must say that I think documentaries are very interesting. But there is one that really stands out to me. Its called "A Nation Adrift". I think everyone needs to watch it! It is one of the most inspiring and eye opening films I have ever seen. It really hits on a lot of points that people really need to think about. It is by Vision Forum so you know that it will be good. I assure you, some of what is on that video, or most, you have never heard before. So you can find it on YouTube so please stop by and watch it. ( Please visit for more information.)

Thank you! :)

(See the video at - - type in A Nation Adrift.)

Being Right!

In my last post, I combined the idea's of tolerance, President Obama, and how we could make this nation 'one' again. Well, I would like to break that up a little. And this time I want to talk about being right.
When people think of being right they sometimes think of just looking good or, they're best. Well, that's OK, but we need to stand for what is right and not care about what other people think. What if our founding fathers cared about that? We would not be a nation. When I say that, I don't mean they didn't care about the people themselves, but that sometimes they had to push certain opinions aside.

Among these disagreements are government, religion, and rights. When we focus on the subject of religion we find that our founding fathers were very focused on following what the bible says. They were considered wrong again by the public. But they did what was right and what they knew was their duty to their country. And that's the privilege of being RIGHT.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

One of my Favorite Quotes

In one of my favorite movies I love this quote......"It's not that God allows bad things to happen, it's his promise that he'll be there with us when they do.." I think that quote is so inspiring and just so comforting.

-Amy :)

-(This quote is used in the movie- "Love Comes Softly".)

United We Stand!

In this country we sometimes forget about the hard times that make us stronger. Like 9/11. People just seem to forget. One word that is wrong with the people of America is TOLERANCE. People just seem to think that everything President Obama does is just ok. People need to be TRUTHFUL about what is REALLY happening. In these difficult times we need to stand together and make this country one again. To do this we need to go back to the fundamental laws and beliefs of our great leaders before us. We need to do the right thing even when no one is looking. One of my favorite quotes is "The hand that rocks the cradel rules the world".....and that is exactically what we need to do. When we realize these truths we will be again...."One nation under GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for ALL."

I Believe

I believe that the Bible is the all inspired word of God. The Bible for me is the "book of answers". It is the very book that inspired the true idea of "one nation under God ". This very nation was made because our founding fathers believed in what the Bible stands for. This is my first post, proclaiming the truth of God's word.